TriLanai 3Hills – 50 mile Ultramarathon, Road Bike Ride, OR Running Relays

This race has been cancelled until further notice.

TriLanai 3Hills offers ultra-marathoners, road cyclists, and running relay teams the opportunity to traverse nearly every paved road on Lanai – twice! 3Hills starts and ends at Hulopo’e Beach Park, and features sweeping views of the Lanai’s Palawai Basin, Molokai and Maui on the way toward Keomoku. The final hill of the three hills provides views of the cliffs of Lanai. Celebrate with food and refreshments after the event at the beach party for athletes.

Click to Download 3 Hills Map as PDF file

The ride/run route will leave from the Hulopo’e Beach Park to Manele Road (Hwy 440). Turn left onto Hulopo’e Drive and up to the steeper construction road. Once you come to the stop sign at the top of the hill, the route will then be on the public highway (440), which runs through the Palawai Basin. At the end of the “first” hill, you must check in at the aid station (remember to check in, as there will be drawings for valuable door prizes at the end of the 3Hills.)

After running through Lanai City, stay on Lanai Avenue heading out of town, past the Four Seasons Lodge at Koele. The route will continue on Keomuku Highway (430). The route will pass the Pines Sporting Clays and go downhill. Again, a reminder that you will be on a public highway that is very narrow and subject to “blind” curves. For your own safety, please use caution going down to Keomoku/Shipwreck.

The Keomoku/Shipwreck turnaround is at the bottom of the road where the pavement ends, with a sign indicating Shipwreck to the left and Keomuku to the right. Turn around at this area and start the climb back up the “second” hill. Once back in town, stop at the aid station to be checked in once again before the ride back down the Kaumalapau Highway.

The Kaumalapau turnaround will be at the end of the road at the loading docks in view of the big white jacks. Turn around at the aid station and head back up the “third” hill to the central aid station to be checked in for the last time. Make your way back to the finish line through the Palawai Basin.

Cyclists will head down the windy twisty highway. Do not attempt to overtake traffic. Runners will head back down the original “first” hill (Construction Road). Cyclists and runners will converge on the Hulopo’e Beach Park finish line and beach party.

Event Schedule

Ultramarathoners MUST be on Lanai the night before the event
4:15am Transportation/van pick up at the Lodge at Koele
4:20am Transportation/van pick up at and Hotel Lanai
5:00am Athlete check-in at the Hulopoe Beach park OPENS
5:30am Athlete check-in, body marking & bike boat loading CLOSES
5:30am Runners Start

3:00pm Lunch from Pele’s served


Location: Expeditions Ferry in Lahaina, Maui (near Pioneer Inn)

5:30am Athlete check-in OPENS*
6:15am Athlete check-in CLOSES
6:30am Expeditions bike boat departs Maui
6:45am Expeditions passenger boat departs Maui
7:30am Expeditions Ferry and bike boat arrive on Lanai
7:30am Bike Boat unloading* on Lanai begins. Once you have your bike, proceed directly to the
Hulopoe Beach Park. Look for directional signs or “smiling” volunteers.

7:30am Athlete check-in at the Hulopoe Beach park OPENS
8:15am Athlete check-in, body marking CLOSES
8:30am Cyclists & Relays Start

12:00pm Lunch from Pele’s served

(4:30pm Expeditions Ferry departure)
Location: Expeditions Ferry dock in Lanai

3:15pm Bike boat loading* on Lanai OPENS
4:15pm Bike boat loading on Lanai CLOSES
4:30pm Expeditions Ferry and bike boat leave Lanai
5:15pm Expeditions Ferry and bike boat arrive in Lahaina, Maui
5:15pm Bike Boat unloading* on Maui begins.

* Athletes are expected to happily assist Expeditions & Volunteer personnel with Bike Boat Loading and Unloading
as directed by Expeditions or Volunteer personnel.


“Signed up for the 3Hills Run, looking forward to this amazing event”

Arvel and Benita Shults, Competitors

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be camping available at Hulopo’e Beach Park?

Yes. Please email names and dates to trilanai@gmail.com to secure camping permit.

Due to the temporary closures of the Four Season Resorts, are there other options for accommodations?

Yes! We have partnered with the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa. Participants must call the resort at 1(808) 661-0031 and ask for HITRILAN rate.

Where can I stay on Lana`i?

  • Hotel Lanai (11 rooms) (808) 565-7211
  • Camping at Hulopo’e Beach; free camping for competitors during the Triathlon event, for reservations email info@lanaibeachpark.com
  • Dreams Come True Bed & Breakfast
    1168 Lanai Ave, Lanai City, HI 96763 (808) 565-6961

What time is the Race?

  • Ultra-Marathon Check in: 5:00AM – 5:20AM
  • Race Starts: 5:30AM
  • Cyclists and Relay Teams Check in: 7:30AM – 8:20AM
  • Race Starts : 8:30AM

Running Relay teams: What are the legs and where are the hand off points? Any minimum number of legs that have to be completed by each team member? Can team members run consecutive legs? Any limit on number of “crew cars”?

Whoa, whoa, slow down with the questions! The legs and hand off points are included in this packet. Your team members can run as many or as few legs as your team sees fit. Team members can run consecutive legs. Please limit yourself to no more than 2 “crew cars.” You will find that coordinating more than one car is difficult particularly since there are LOTS of places on the course that cell phones don’t work. Best advice: get a Lanai person with a big pickup truck on your team, and pile the whole team into the pick up truck. It’s more fun that way anyway.

Can I have a bag of my own “nutrition” to have delivered to an aid station?

If you have your own special “goodie bag” of nutrition you are welcome to bring it with you. At check in, we’ll give you an athlete number and a bag tag. You’ll write your athlete number on the bag tag and tag your bag. We’ll have a pick up truck you can throw your tagged goodie bag into. That vehicle will take all of the goodie bags up to the stationary (centrally located) aid station and drop off the bags (and organize the bags by athlete number). So you will pass your goodie bag three times. Now, your goodie bag likely won’t come back down to the finish line until very late in the day. As such, we recommend that you use a disposable bag as your goodie bag and plan to consume everything in the bag during the event so that you don’t need the bag returned to you. However, rest assured, we’ll bring all of the goodie bags down to the beach/finish line after we close up the course when the last runner is done. Please just keep this in mind if you are flying out or ferrying off of Lanai race day afternoon or evening.

Can my friends be on the course in a “crew car” for me?

Heck yeah! You are welcome to have your own “crew car” to provide you with aid on the course. Please be sure to obey all traffic rules. Try Dollar Rent a Car at 808-565-7227 or ABB Rental at 808-649-0644.

How many aid stations?

There will be 1 “stationary” aid station that you will pass three times. It is centrally located. You’ll pass it around mile 8, mile 24, then mile 40. That aid station will have water & powerade. We will also put an unmanned 5 gallon water cooler at the and of Shipwreck/Keomoku road which is roughly mile 16 & Big Boat harbor which is roughly mile 30. There will be at least one other “mobile” aid station. Think of the mobile aid stations like the “ice cream man”: you never know when you’ll see him but you’ll be stoked when you do.

Will TriLanai be giving awards?

This year, we will be recognizing the top 3 M/F cyclists and ultramarathoners and the first place relay team. We will also have some valuable prizes to raffle off. To be eligible for raffle prizes, you must check in at the top of each of the 3 hills (3 times). OR, if you are done after 1 or 2 hills and heading back to the beach, let the aid station know you are done (so we’re not looking for you on the course) and you will still be eligible for prizes!

What type of timing is used at this event?

We will be logging times manually as you finish. However, if logging your time is important for you bring a watch. 3Hills is a great way to see Lanai. Don’t miss the views by looking at your watch too often.

Where is the best place to watch the race?

The race course will be open to public vehicle traffic. As such, if you have your own vehicle, you are welcome to have a “crew car” to provide you with aid. Parking will be available at the Hulopo’e beach park.

How should I plan to get to Lanai for the race if I am coming from the mainland or Oahu?

There are a few airlines that fly into Lanai: Island Air and Ohana Air by Hawaiian Airlines. Check out their websites for flights and times. If you are coming from the mainland, your options are to fly into Oahu and then to Lanai or fly into Maui and then fly to Lanai on Island Air OR take the Expeditions Passenger ferry to Lanai. All ultramarathoners will need to be on Lanai the night before the event.

How should I plan to get to Lanai for the race if I am coming from Maui?

The Expeditions Passenger Ferry leaves from Lahaina, Maui near the Pioneer Inn. TriLanai has arranged for an exclusive “bike boat” to be operated by Expeditions Ferry, which will transport bikes only the morning of the race. The bike boat will leave Lahaina, Maui at 6:30am (arriving on Lanai at 7:15am). The bike boat will return from Lanai at 4:30pm (arrives in Maui about 5:15pm). Expeditions charges $10 each way to transport bikes ($20 round-trip cost). Your race participant fees DO NOT include the transportation fees for you or your bike. Make your Expeditions Ferry reservations well in advance of race day! We can’t stress this point enough: it is absolutely critical that you make your ferry reservations as far in advance of race day as possible. As a precaution, we encourage you to make a reservation, today, for the 6:30am ferry on race day (even if you haven’t decided if you are coming on race day or before race day). Be sure to tell Expeditions personnel that you have a bike and are participating in TriLanai! Expeditions 800- 695-2624 – You are strongly encouraged to be on Lanai prior to race day. Although infrequent, Expedition’s Ferry delays or cancellations can happen for various reasons (e.g. mechanical, weather, etc). Refunds of participant fees will not be given for any reason including Ferry delays or cancellations.